"In order for a long-term condo rental to go smoothly, communication is essential." - David Pineault

This is the reason why Octave has developed a range of services to better manage long-term condo rentals. They offer condo owners an assistance service to help them rent out their unit with complete peace of mind.

In search of harmony, David aims to provide a place where life is good, a place where everyone feels respected. And ultimately, a wonderful and happy place to live.

Following this same line of thought, David also developed the PORT‑AU‑PERSIL signé Octave with local collaborators. Nature’s spirit and environmental awareness as a bonus!

Attentive and a good listener, David is also very rational… an optimum combination to help you rent your condo!*

*Note: Octave Société immobilière also provides services for tenants. Learn more!

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Where do we offer our services?

Octave Société immobilière offers its services in the greater Quebec City and Lévis area.

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